When it’s time to fill in your tax return, you have to break down your expenses if you’re earning above a certain level. Although some websites mention some of these categories, it’s surprisingly difficult to find a definitive list except when it’s time to fill your taxes.

It’s probably a good idea to be using these categories in bookkeeping even if you’re not near the threshold where you need to break down expenses yet. Unfortunately, a lot of bookkeeping software want you to use their categories, and worse, won’t let you choose your own.

uk tax return expenses categories

HMRC Expenses Page


Allowable Business Expenses Categories

  • Costs Of Goods Bought For Resale Or Goods Used
  • Car, Van And Travel Expenses after Private Use Proportion
  • Wages, Salaries And Staff Costs
  • Rent, Rates, Power & Insurance costs
  • Repairs And Renewals Of Property & Equipment
  • Accountancy, Legal & Other Professional Fees
  • Interest And Bank And Credit Card Etc. Financial Charges
  • Telephone, Fax, Stationery And Other Office Costs
  • Other Allowable Business Expenses (Client Entertaining costs are not an Allowable Expense)
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