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Thank you for Using Andific.


On this page you’ll find information about the payment systems we use.

If you’ve just paid, you’ve been brought to this page just for your information. You might have also arrived here if you clicked a link prior to payment to check your money is safe with us.

We use a variety of payment options…


Credit/Debit Card (Wave/Stripe)

We use Wave for our accounting. When we invoice you using this system, you will see a Credit Card payment box at the top of your invoice. Wave use Stripe to process payments. As stripe is extremely popular, you’ve probably used it many times without knowing it.

Stripe Security Information

Bank/Debit (Gocardless)

If you want to pay directly via your bank account, we provide a way to pay through the Direct Debit system using GoCardless. Don’t worry if you’re trying to make a one-off payment. In this situation it will clearly say on your payment page that it’s a one-off payment, and we aren’t able to take recurring payments. You will be covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

GoCardless Security Information


Just about everyone has a Paypal account these days. If you choose Paypal, our invoice or link will take you directly to a Paypal page where you will be given the choice of using your Paypal account or using a Credit Card going through their system.

Paypal also provide a service called which allows its customers to create a payment link on the fly (example – If we have provided this kind of link, you will have to login to your Paypal account to use it. Where we use such a link we usually provide another way to pay by credit card.

Paypal Security Information

Coming Soon -  Our Social Meda Service!

Coming Soon -

Our Social Meda Service!

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