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Followerwonk is a great tool for finding influencers on Twitter. Once owned by the marketing giants Moz, they are now a standalone service.

Although Followerwonk only analyses Twitter, influencers who do not use text-based media, such as podcasts or vlogs, are still quite likely to be promoting their latest uploads and projects on Twitter.

Many of the key services available are free of charge. These free services are mostly restricted to the first three tabs: “Search Bios“, “Compare Users” and “Analyze“.


Search for key influencers

By clicking on Search Bios, you can enter keywords, then you can “search Twitter profiles” or “search Twitter bios only” then narrow your search by other criteria…


Compare Users

Clicking on Compare users lets you compare and contrast up to 3 members side-by-side by “Compare users they follow” or “compare their followers“…


Analyze Users

The Analyze tab is the third and final free tab allowing you to see vital statistics about a Twitter member. With a free account there is a limit to what is available, and if you enter a Twitter member with a large number of followers, you may see a message that you are not allowed to view stats for that member.

One of the most useful parts of the analyze tab is the section that tells you when the followers of a member are most active. If you have entered your own Twitter username, you will now know exactly what times are the best to tweet.


Followerwonk subscribers can also track their own and a competitor’s followers over time, and sort their followers easily by number of tweets, number of followers, age of account, and Social Authority.


Coming Soon -  Our Social Meda Service!

Coming Soon -

Our Social Meda Service!

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