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Frequenty Asked Questions

Who Hosts my Website?

Andific highly recommend using our hosting service, HostingPaths, so that we can have the maximum control and look after any technical issues. We also try to offer our customers frequent discounts. We can usually offer the first year of hosting free for Andific customers. If you already have Hosting or have a preferred web host, we can also work with it providing you can provide the necessary access.

Can I update my own Website?

We usually use a ‘Content Management System’, like WordPress or Joomla, which should make it easy for you to update your website if you have the technical ability. In the future, we will be providing video tutorials that will guide you through the process in easy steps.

I already have a website. Can you take it over?

Yes. You will need to have information about your current site, like login details and passwords.

Who will change and updated my website's content

For most sites, we install a “Content Management System”, which makes it easy to edit pages and add content. If you don’t feel confident changing your pages, we can do it for you for a fee you can pay at the time, or in advance.

Coming Soon -  Our Social Meda Service!

Coming Soon -

Our Social Meda Service!

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