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When someone visits your website, what is the one thing you’d like them to do more than anything else? This is your CTA: Call to Action.

Although websites have always come in many formats, the convention was for a long time to have some navigation alongside, or above, some text. Often the text would be a message, or tell you what the website was about.

This has been largely replaced by a much simpler format. Often you will find a Hero Image covered by a simple button or two. These buttons are the Call to Action.

App page screenshot

Website designers have embraced the idea that viewers should be encouraged to take a very clear action when they visit. Often this is to ‘capture’ their details (‘Download’, ‘Join’ or ‘Subscribe’).


  • A clear action shows your visitor exactly what you’d like them to do


  • Hides most of the text content and navigation from the user until they scroll or click

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This is part of our new series of articles which will build into a glossary of website terms.


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