Adobe Bridge is free for everyone

For many years Adobe has bundled their digital asset management app, Adobe Bridge, with their products. What seems to be little know is that when Adobe moved to the cloud and a subscription model for their software, they made Adobe Bridge free for anyone who wants it....

Why you need a Creative Market account right now

Creative Market is a great marketplace to buy design assets. What seems little know is how great their "Free Goods of the Week" offering is. If you sign up and subscribe to their weekly email you will get a weekly reminder of 6 new free downloads - Premium assets that...

Community Manager Resources

On this page, you'll find our growing list of resources for Community Managers and Moderators Creating Community Guidelines   Moderation, liability and terms of use Out-Law This guide is based on UK law. It was last updated in December 2008. Child Safety...

Accepting Payments Online

I’ve just updated our Payments page, and thought I’d go thought the pro’s and con’s of the currently available online payment options for small businesses and sole-traders (Spoiler – It’s not at all straightforward)…


Our new Web-design, SEO, and marketing Glossary

Call to Action

When someone visits your website, what is the one thing you'd like them to do more than anything else? This is your CTA: Call to Action. Although websites have always come in many formats, the convention was for a long time to have some navigation alongside, or above,...

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Hero Image

Have you noticed that the front page of a lot of websites these days is almost entierly made of a single image? This is called a Hero Image. Often there is only a few words and/or a couple of buttons on the image. Hero Images have become popular as a way to direct...

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Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is when multiple layers of background and foreground images or objects scroll at different speeds to give the impression of animation and depth. This is most commonly used with a background image on a website moving at a different speed as the rest...

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Masonry Layout

Masonry Layout arranges posts of different sizes into the best fit possible. The most famous example is Pinterest:   According to the author of the original plug-in that made this layout famous, the name comes from stonemasonry: Elements in optimal position based on...

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